Two Loon Software Testimonials

I love hearing from my clients.

MGP Caliper Covers has worked with many web developers in the past, but Jesse is our favorite! He is such a pleasure to work with. He’s thorough, proactive, organized, very responsive, and gets the job done. If you have new ideas regarding your website, he’ll give you honest feedback on whether it will work or not. Thanks to Jesse our re-platform from Magento to WooCommerce was a smooth transition. I highly recommend Jesse to any company in the need of a web developer.

Jessamine Wong – MGP Caliper Covers

I couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Jesse Hodges.  Jesse has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, capable, reliable and organized.  He is a skilled communicator with a pleasant demeanor and exhibits a natural understanding of the nuanced details required for our project.  He brings both confidence and thoughtfulness to each phase of development resulting in effective, on-time solutions.  Essentially, Jesse is a top-tier professional who I would strongly recommend to others.

Dave Ellis – Modern Fan Company

While at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, I had the pleasure of working alongside Jesse for several weeks. He provided much-needed backup during a critical sales time for the Festival. He also worked with staff to write concise, high-level documentation about the Festival’s systems. He has an impressive knowledge of web development, security, and .NET systems. He’s patient, an excellent listener, and understanding of the many quirks and nuances that come along with large projects.

Randolph Jones – Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Knowing that Jesse at Two Loon has our sites under his careful watch, allows us to focus on the parts of business that we know best. We fully trust Jesse, and highly recommend him to other businesses where their online presence matters.

Hayley Mete – Ecopiggy

Working with Jesse is a pleasure. He’s fast, responsive, and gets the job done right. I highly recommend him for any Magento or general e-commerce projects.

Peter Warren – Synoptive

Jesse was a senior developer at Vortx that you could always rely on to have a solution to the most demanding requirements and technical challenges. His web site development skills are as good as any I have seen and complemented by exceptional skills when it comes to mobile device and User Interface implementation. His technical skill is complemented by a detailed, task-oriented nature, great communication skills, and a willingness to go the extra mile to make sure the customer is fully satisfied with the task being performed.

Nigel Davies

Jesse completed a total overhaul of our company’s website. He was easy to work with and solved a whole raft of vexing problems. I had expected this process to take months, but Jesse had the revamped website up and running within a couple of weeks.

Tim Allen – SwiftSure Timberworks

Whether it’s his mastery of coding, to his personable and patient demeanor, to consistently delivering work that went above and beyond what we expected, Jesse will always be one of the top professionals I’ve had the privilege of working with.

Keith Cleversley

Jesse is a very gifted developer and software architect! He has incredible design and programming skills. Along with his superior development and coding abilities, Jesse is an excellent communicator and well-versed at client and customer interactions and support. Couldn’t give anyone a higher recommendation than I would for Jesse Hodges!

Don Wolff – Vortx

While at Vortx, Jesse and I worked on a number of projects together, both large and small. Jesse was always a joy to work with. His knowledge of both the product and the technology we were working with was outstanding. His commitment to excellence always encouraged me to set the bar higher.

He was always looking for a way to improve what we were doing and to bring huge value to our clients. When working with new clients, Jesse would quickly gain their trust, and retain it through a long working relationship.

Jesse is a huge asset to any team that he is on.

John Puttman – Vortx

Jesse came to my company looking for work as a .Net developer very early in his career. He was an incredibly impressive young man, and I never for one minute regretted hiring him. Jesse is uber-smart and has the winning combination of developer skills and business know-how. He would make a great business analyst as well as senior developer. He is ardent about remaining ahead of the curve and absorbs knowledge at the speed of light.

Jo Benson – Vortx & AspDotNetStorefront

Jesse is a top-notch developer. His ability to develop what is asked of him and to troubleshoot any problem quickly is outstanding.

Michelle MacHale – Crimson Circle Energy

Jesse is a thoughtful and creative developer who was often responsible for large and difficult projects. At Vortx, he had a loyal group of clients that requested him for all of their projects. He’s a great communicator and he has the ability to lead a group of developers. I would enjoy working with Jesse again given the opportunity.

Ryan Stowasser – Vortx

It was a pleasure to work with Jesse on client projects. He brought a keen eye and awareness to the business issues that the client was experiencing and was able to offer solutions that were efficient and effective. His calm demeanor and subtle sense of humor were very welcome as we worked through an often challenging, demanding, and fast-paced environment.

Hailey Kuhn – Vortx

I’ve worked with Jesse since 2006. This guy is a serious guru and having worked with a number of web developers over the years, he’s up there in the top few.

Luke Barlow – Hi-Tec

Jesse is a fast, creative, and thorough developer who cares about his co-workers and is dedicated to creating great code.

Across multiple projects, his dedication to creating the best product possible never wavered and he would never succumb to ‘get it out the door’ laziness.

If I had the opportunity to work with Jesse again, I would take it without hesitation.

Craig Higdon – AspDotNetStorefront

Jesse is possibly one of the best developers I have had the pleasure of working with; his work is exceptional and will always deliver the best solution for the task at hand.

Through working with Jesse for more than 5 years, his skills and personality instill confidence in everything that is required.

A true professional that I personally hold in the highest regard, not only for his work ethics, productivity, and professionalism but also as a great person that quite simply “gets the job done”.

Jon Dicks – The Fresh Lab

Jesse would be a tremendous asset to any organization and I recommend him to anyone without reservation. He is highly skilled and takes a detailed approach to any task. I enjoyed working with him very much.

Christian Young

When Jesse first joined Vortx I worked with him on a few projects where he picked things up so quickly that before long he was making suggestions for improvements and taking off in his own direction, it was very refreshing. Jessy really impressed me with his ability to please customers and solve complex problems while learning new things all at the same time.

Rai Phairow

I worked with Jesse for about 5 years while at Vortx/AspDotNetStorefront. Jesse trained & mentored me during my first year at Vortx. He is a great mentor and a great project lead. I’ve worked with Jesse on many projects, and he produces quality & well thought out software. He is not just a coder but thinks outside the coding box to understand the industry (especially e-commerce).

Lindsay Kimzey – Web Developer

When the 8-year-old computer with our sales and inventory control program started showing signs of failing, we called Jesse. It turned out that the program was too old and could not be adapted to a new computer.
Jesse immediately went to work. In less than 24 hours, he had solutions for us, recommending that we develop a website for our sales and inventory control. Within 48 hours he delivered the site.
He made several improvements to the old program, making it easier and more efficient. The work Jesse did for us is creative, well thought out, and was delivered with lightning speed. Jesse is a truly exceptional web developer and a joy to work with.

John & Trina Brenes – The Music Coop

We knew we needed to update our 7-year old eCommerce site to include cutting edge thinking, and Jesse was able to help us through the entire process from start to finish. He worked closely with us and our web designer to create a beautiful site that not only looks amazing but functions better than ever with room to grow. We now have a mobile site, the ability to update the main site, and many other admin features that Jesse customized just for our situation. Working with Jesse is a very enjoyable and easy process, and we would recommend him highly to anyone looking for these services.

Cindy Muders – E3Live

Jesse reached out to me to point out, correctly, that our photo-sharing website was badly in need of an overhaul. We agreed to move forward and I have been thrilled with the results. The new site is attractive, functional, and easy to manage. Jesse has provided excellent leadership and communication throughout the project.

In our first week with the new site, traffic and photo sharing is up over 10x compared to typical levels pre-launch. Wow!

David Bell – BirdsEye Birding

As the shareholders are about to sell the assets of Hodges & Irvine, Inc, we wish to acknowledge that without Jesse’s contributions, there may have been none to sell. Jesse added fresh energy, intelligence, and sorely needed expertise when the boat was leaking. We thank Jesse for his generosity, vision, wisdom, and willingness to talk straight.

Hodges & Irvine Board of Directors

For years and years, I struggled to find someone who could help me build the website of my dreams. Broken promises and lots of hidden and unexpected expenses were all I could seem to get out of other website developers.

Along came Jesse and voila! In a short period of time, he had me where I always wanted to be!

He listened, he delivered when he said he would, and most of all he was up-front and transparent. I simply cannot say enough about his skills and level of service. Really second to none in my experience.

I can’t say enough about working with Jesse and having him a part of our online team.

Brian Flechsig – Mad River Outfitters

Jesse Hodges and Two Loon Software delivered just what we were promised – incredible technical expertise, affordably priced, and delivered with speed and perfection. His process of conducting thorough analysis and scoping before implementing any of our requests, saved us time and money, and resulted in a website that was beautiful, functional, and still running without any glitches!

Wolfram Alderson – Institute for Responsible Nutrition