Four sites for the price of one

Multi-store e-commerce sites are different. The concept is very good and the possibilities are endless. However, we often find ourselves with more management and more development maintenance than we had bargained for.

When YoYo Sam approached us, it was clear that we could offer massive value with minimal development costs.

Our solution for YoYo Sam is simple, but it allows minimal management and, perhaps more importantly, minimal development costs for four distinct e-commerce sites.

Four sites, one skin

Design is expensive. Implementing design is twice as expensive. If you look at the four sites (or the screen-shots on this page), you’ll notice that they all look quite similar. Unlike most AspDotNetStorefront multi-store implementations, these four stores share a skin. The differences between the sites are all in small CSS files. These design decisions allowed us to design, develop, and deploy four site designs for the cost of one.

The solution is clever, but it’s also quick to develop and easy to maintain.

AspDotNetStorefront Design Updates

We’ve been working with AspDotNetStorefront for over eight years. The release is, simply put, one of our favorite releases ever.

It’s been a long time coming, and for good reason. Refactoring the entire design framework for such a massive piece of software is a daunting challenge. AspDotNetStorefront pulled it off, and they made it look easy.

Design for this project was a fraction of the price I would have estimated, and it’s all because of the design changes described in the release notes. This release adds a great design framework to an already great platform to make it even better. And it’s a minor point revision, no less!

AspDotNetStorefront Multi-store

AspDotNetStorefront Multi-store has been production-ready for a couple of years now. It hasn’t, however, been as solid or easy to manage as it could have been.

We can say with confidence now that the Multi-store functionality is the best around. It’s easy to set up, install, customize, and, most importantly, manage.



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