Penn Care’s website is an e-commerce platform designed to facilitate business-to-business transactions. Our solution is specifically tailored to meet the needs of companies looking to sell their products or services to other businesses. We offer a range of features and functionalities to enable different customer tiers and per-client customization, making it easier for businesses to target their marketing efforts and personalize their products, services, and pricing to meet the specific needs of their customers.

One of the key benefits of our e-commerce solution is the ability to create customer tiers. This feature enables businesses to segment their customers into different groups based on various criteria, such as purchase history, order volume, or other factors. By categorizing customers into different tiers, businesses can provide personalized pricing, promotions, and service levels based on the customer’s tier. This helps businesses to build more meaningful relationships with their customers, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Another important feature of our e-commerce solution is per-client customization. This feature allows businesses to offer personalized products, services, and pricing to individual customers or customer groups. By tailoring their offerings to the specific needs of their customers, businesses can improve customer loyalty, increase customer lifetime value, and generate more revenue.

To further enhance the customer experience, we have developed a custom order entry system. This system enables orders to be submitted for review and payment from group-based oversight accounts. With this system, businesses can set up accounts for different departments, teams, or other groups within their organization, and manage orders and payments across these accounts. This provides an extra layer of oversight and control, helping businesses to manage their orders and payments more efficiently.

PennCare Testimonials

My company has struggled for years with other programmers to get our extremely complex e-commerce website live and useable. I began feeling defeated and frustrated, not to mention that I spent well over my budgeted amount for the e-commerce website, which was not up to par with my competitors. But that all changed when Jesse at Two Loon Software came into the picture, and our e-commerce website has never looked better!

Jesse has been an asset to my company as we continue to grow our e-commerce website. His knowledge of AspDotNetStorefront is what I have been looking for. Jesse is very professional, friendly, and timely. I remember the “good ‘ole” days when we waited weeks, months, or even years for projects to be completed. This is not the case with Jesse, as he is proactive and on top of all aspects of our company’s online presence.

If you are looking for a great programmer, look no further, as Jesse is your guy!

Don Bloom - Penn Care



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