Monterey Bay Spice Company – ASPDotNetStorefront Ecommerce

Monterey Bay Spice Company ( is the kind of project every developer wants to work on. Every feature is well-thought-out and it makes the development cycle a pleasure.

We’ve developed a few features that are worth noting:

  • Favorite Products (for registered users)
  • Plant Study Guides (link)
  • Weighted Full-text Search
    The search adapts to how specific your search terms are. If you search for a single word, the filtering will be more strict than if you search for a long-phrase or sentence.
  • Search auto-complete
    If you begin typing a meaningful search term (like “choco”) the search will suggest things you might be looking for (in this case “chocolate chai”).
  • Reductive Navigation
    Also known as “Guided Navigation”, “Faceted Navigation”, “Filtered Navigation”, “Layered Navigation”, “Attribute Navigation”, and many other monikers.
  • Ajax Mini Cart