Magnum Boots Ecommerce

Magnum Boots Ecommerce

Magnum Boots is a Magento based E-Commerce site that is managed and developed by the same team as Hi-Tec Shoes.

Featuring 360° product views, customer reviews, and an easy-to-use one-page-checkout, the Magnum Boots site makes it easy for law enforcement, military, fire/rescue, emergency medical, and service agencies to purchase high-performance uniform boots.

To save expense, most of the work that we do on Hi-Tec Shoes is also ported over to Magnum Boots. This makes every investment in site development valuable for both sites. Having both sites on the same software stack also makes it easier to develop and maintain.

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I've worked with Jesse since 2006. This guy is a serious guru and having worked with a number of web developers over the years, he's up there in the top few.
Luke Barlow - Hi-Tec



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