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We built and deployed the first Hodges & Irvine e-commerce website over 4 years ago, and it was long overdue for an overhaul. We have developed, tested, and now deployed a new site that has all the features you would expect from a modern e-commerce vendor.

The new hodgesandirvine.com is designed on Bootstrap v2 with the Flat UI Kit. It was the first Bootstrap project for which we totally overhauled the look and feel of the Bootstrap framework.

The new site makes it easy for users to find the reservation or scheduling book they are looking for. And if they need further help or consulting, the site ensures that the user can contact support easily via the phone or online contact forms.

Phase two will allow users to customize and build their books online. We are very excited about this feature and we will update this post when it is released.

Hodges & Irvine Testimonials

As the shareholders are about to sell the assets of Hodges & Irvine, Inc, we wish to acknowledge that without Jesse's contributions, there may have been none to sell. Jesse added fresh energy, intelligence, and sorely needed expertise when the boat was leaking. We thank Jesse for his generosity, vision, wisdom, and willingness to talk straight.
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