Hi-Tec Boss B2B

Hi-Tec Boss B2B

The Boss B2B project aimed to make it easy for sales representatives and their retail vendors to quickly order Hi-Tec and Magnum products online from any device.

The Magento based solution is built with responsive design, and every page renders perfectly on desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones, and everything in between. We also streamlined the ordering process by adding bulk order forms on both the product page and a global catalog that lists all products.

Offline Ordering

HTML5 has opened the doors to a whole new kind of web application. By storing information and web pages on devices, we can now build web applications that work even when you’re not connected to the internet.

For this project, we wanted to provide an easy way for vendors to scan their inventory and fill in any gaps they might have. We call it scan-and-fill. We developed an offline web application that allows vendors to scan their inventory without an internet connection. They can then add products or order more inventory. The vendor’s order will be saved on their device until they connect to the internet, at which point the web application allows them to add it to their shopping cart and continue to checkout.

This was a really neat project, and it makes a complex task very simple, which, in turn, should increase sales.

Inventory Availability Integration

Sales Representatives and Retail Vendors have different needs than most online shoppers. They order products in advance, and they need to know about long-term product inventory.

We integrated Boss with Hi-Tec Intelligence to give users access to expected inventory arrival dates and quantities. Vendors then use this information to plan their ordering and properly maintain inventory levels.

Shopping Features

Sales Representative and Retail Vendor ordering are all about inventory levels. Every quantity box on the website uses the same color-coding to give the user a general idea of current inventory levels. For more details, we offer an inventory table with future availability dates and quantities.

Product pages also include 360° product views, youtube video integration, and a full-screen image viewer.

This site is limited to Sales Representatives and Retail Vendors, so we can’t show you a live preview as much as we would like to. We wish we could give you a tour because the site is a pleasure to use, but the screenshots above should give you an idea of how well designed the site is.



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