E3live is a provider of all-organic superfoods, offering fresh-frozen products shipped via 1-2 day shipping to customers. We developed a number of noteworthy features for their website:

  • Banner Management: Custom banner management system for authoring, editing, and rotating promotional banners with images, links, and text.
  • Design: The first AspDotNetStorefront installation with native Bootstrap support, resulting in a visually stunning website.
  • Emma Email Marketing Integration: Integration with Emma, a powerful email marketing tool.
  • Exactor Tax Calculation Integration: Integration with Exactor, a tax calculation software.
  • Loyalty Points: Loyalty point program for customer rewards.
  • Limited Admin Functionality: Limited admin functionality for customer service representatives.
  • Shipping Rate Customization: Customized shipping options for frozen goods, including all-frozen carts, dry-goods carts, and combinations of the two.
  • Custom Content Structures: Custom content structures for testimonial and recipe pages, allowing for easy organization and editing.
  • Migration: Successful migration of data despite a SQL server reboot mid-migration, thanks to our re-runnable migration process.

The final website is stunning, and we are proud to be a part of this project. E3live’s customers can now easily purchase their organic superfoods online with a user-friendly interface and a range of customized features.

E3Live Testimonials

We knew we needed to update our 7-year old eCommerce site to include cutting edge thinking, and Jesse was able to help us through the entire process from start to finish. He worked closely with us and our web designer to create a beautiful site that not only looks amazing but functions better than ever with room to grow. We now have a mobile site, the ability to update the main site, and many other admin features that Jesse customized just for our situation. Working with Jesse is a very enjoyable and easy process, and we would recommend him highly to anyone looking for these services.
Cindy Muders - E3Live



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