E3Live – ASPDotNetStorefront Ecommerce

E3live provides all-organic superfoods. When I order a smoothie from our local Food Co-op, I add an E3Live booster. It keeps me sharp. E3Live is one of very few providers that ship fresh-frozen organic superfoods to their customers via 1 or 2-day shipping.

We’ve developed a few features that are worth noting:

  • Banner Management
    E3Live runs promotions via banners that combine an image, a promotion link, and some promotion text. We built custom banner management to make it easy to author, edit, and rotate banners.
  • Design
    This is our first AspDotNetStorefront installation with native Bootstrap support. And it’s awesome.
  • Emma email marketing integration
    Emma is a great alternative to MailChimp or Constant Contact.
  • Exactor tax calculation integration
  • Loyalty points
  • Limited Admin functionality for customer service representatives
  • Shipping Rate Customization
    Shipping frozen goods is complicated. We’ve customized shipping to manage all-frozen carts, dry-goods carts, and any combination of the two.
  • Custom Content Structures
    Testimonial and Recipe pages should not be administered through static pages. We developed a structure that makes it convenient and easy to add, edit, and organize custom content structures.
  • Migration
    The data migration for this project was very complicated, but it completed without incident. Well, the SQL server rebooted mid-migration, but we develop all of our migrations to be re-runnable, so everything was a-okay.

The site is gorgeous and we’re proud to have been a part of this project.