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The Task

The Problem

SWAK approached me to finish an upgrade that another agency had started. Unfortunately the unnamed agency built in more vulnerabilities, technical debt, and broken features than I've ever seen.

The Solution

After convincing the client to abandon the botched upgrade we completed a fresh, robust upgrade in about three weeks. The project wasn't done, but the client had a new clean site and a great foundation for progress.

The Design

Built on Bootstrap with mobile-first philosophies, SWAK Designs is a great user experience on any device.

The Mobile Experience

Whether you use an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or Windows Mobile, SWAK Designs is built to optimize your experience.

mobile homepage

Key Features

MailChimp Integration
A full MailChimp integration including anonymous sign-up, account level syncing, and eCommerce 360 integration.
Search & Navigation
Full-text search combined with faceted navigation lets users find what they're looking for quickly. The best part: if you filter by a color, the site will show you product images of that color. Neat.
Loyalty Program
An opt-in loyalty program gives users automatic discounts and promotional emails.
Size/Color Add to Cart Grid
The most efficient way to choose the size and color you want to buy. Integrates with the Image Gallery to make sure you see the right color photos.
Multi-color Image & Video Gallery
A fully responsive image and video gallery that is aware of the color you are shopping for, but still allows you to browse other colors.
Product Color Swatches
Easily browse color variants on a category or search page without going to the product page.
A fully functional blog with integration to products, categories, and other e-commerce features.

designed and built with

CSS3 Web Design HTML5 Web Design Responsive Web Design Mobile Web Design jQuery Web Development Compiled with LESS Twitter Bootstrap Web Design Microsoft .Net Development Microsoft SQL Server Development ASPDotNetStorefront Development

The Results

Comparing the week before deployment to last week gives a pretty good indication of the success the site has had.


increase in site traffic


increase in daily visitors


increase in mobile traffic

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