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E3live provides all-organic superfoods. When I order a smoothie from our local Food Co-op, I add an E3Live booster. It keeps me sharp. E3Live is one of very few providers that ship fresh-frozen organic superfoods to their customers via 1 or 2 day shipping.

We've developed a few features that are worth noting:

  • Banner Management
    E3Live runs promotions via banners which combine an image, a promotion link, and some promotion text. We built custom banner management to make it easy to author, edit, and rotate banners.
  • Design
    This is our first AspDotNetStorefront installation with native Bootstrap support. And it's awesome.
  • Emma email marketing integration
    Emma is a great alternative to MailChimp or Constant Contact.
  • Exactor tax calculation integration
  • Loyalty points
  • Limited Admin functionality for customer service representatives
  • Shipping Rate Customization
    Shipping frozen goods is complicated. We've customized shipping to manage all-frozen carts, dry-goods carts, and any combination of the two.
  • Custom Content Structures
    Testimonial and Recipe pages should not be administered through static pages. We developed a structure that makes it convenient and easy to add, edit and organize custom content structures.
  • Migration
    The data migration for this project was very complicated, but it completed without incident. Well, the SQL server rebooted mid-migration, but we develop all of our migrations to be re-runnable, so everything was a-okay.

The site is gorgeous and we're proud to have been a part of this project.

Client Testimonial

 We knew we needed to update our 7-year old eCommerce site to include cutting edge thinking, and Jesse was able to help us through the entire process from start to finish. He worked closely with us and our web designer to create a beautiful site that not only looks amazing but functions better than ever with room to grow. We now have a mobile site, the ability to update the main site, and many other admin features that Jesse customized just for our situation. Working with Jesse is a very enjoyable and easy process, and we would recommend him highly to anyone looking for these services. 

Cindy Muders
Internet Marketing/Social Media Director

Social Media

E3Live is excited to have a good mobile shopping experience:


We are back up and running! Come see our new main site, enjoy our new mobile site (photo here) and also accepting PayPal! #e3live #improvements #progress

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An candid moment during deployment:


Pardon Our Mess, Exciting Improvements Ahead! Today we will be making some much-needed (and very exciting!) updates to our website If you would like to order during the next few hours (and are not able to get in online), please call us at 541-273-2212 or (toll-free in US) 888-800-7070. Thanks for understanding, from your E3Live Family xoxo #e3live #underconstruction #temporarily #improvements #exciting !

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