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BirdsEye is an extremely popular location-aware mobile birding app.
We are proud to help them build their social photography site that allows users to contribute photos to the project.

I use BirdsEye more than any other birding app on my phone, and that is saying a lot. They have a wonderful product and I reached out to them because I wanted to make it better. A large part of the value in their app comes from crowd-sourced information (cool!). The most obvious example is bird sightings, but BirdsEye also crowd-sources the photography that they use (very cool! and right up my alley).

When I approached BirdsEye the site they used to accept photo submissions was a little clunky and difficult to use. Having already written BirdingBuddies and my own photography portfolio I thought I could contribute a considerable amount to a redesigned and rewritten photography site.

Having finished the project I'm happy with the results, and I think the client is even happier (see testimonial below). The site is slick, easy to use, and, most importantly, it's encouraging more photo uploads and community engagement. It's a very neat community and I'm excited to have my own profile on the new site. is packed with features, including:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Ajax submission and thumbnail editing
  • Responsive aware, automatically resized images
  • Badges for community involvement and quality
  • Photo approval and curation system
  • Crowd-sourced identification correction

Bird photography is a passion of mine and I'm excited to continue work on the BirdsEye projects.


 Jesse reached out to me to point out, correctly, that our photo sharing website was badly in need of an overhaul. We agreed to move forward and I have been thrilled with the results. The new site is attractive, functional and easy to manage. Jesse has provided excellent leadership and communication throughout the project.

In our first week with the new site, traffic and photo sharing is up over 10x compared to typical levels pre-launch. Wow! 

David Bell
BirdsEye Birding

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