Two Loon Software
Locations Served

I am based in Southern Oregon and I work internationally.

Local Oregon & Rogue Valley Software Development

If you are looking for Software Development skills local to Oregon or the Rogue Valley, you've come to the right place.

Although working remotely is effective, I love to meet my clients face-to-face.

Serving Ashland, Talent, and Medford Locally

If you live in Ashland, Talent, or Medford, I can meet with you on a daily basis if need be.

I love local businesses, and I love helping small businesses grow. Contact me today to see if we can help you.


Specializing in Remote Collaboration and Development

Technology has opened the doors to effective remote collaboration, and I have embraced the technologies available. I utilize cloud-based project management software to keep my clients in the loop and make it easy to track progress.

I also use various communication tools to make sure I never miss any of my clients' requests. When used together, email, instant messaging, voice chat, and screen sharing make it possible for us to be as effective from a distance as I would be on site.

Effective communication, expectation management, and project management are the bases for any successful project. I know the tools and use them to their fullest. I recognize the importance of good communication, and I will never leave you wondering about your project's progress or status.