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The Task

The Problem

New & Blue was on an old, unstable version of Magento with dozens of plugins and expensive maintenance costs. The site needed a new platform that was user manageable with lower ongoing maintenance costs.

The Solution

A fresh build on WooCommerce with custom plugins for bulk ordering and invitation customization left New & Blue with a site that they can manage at a reasonable cost.

The Design

Built on Divi for Wordpress, the new design is responsive and 100% user maintained.

The Mobile Experience

Whether you use an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or Windows Mobile, New & Blue is built to optimize your experience.

mobile home page

Key Features

Product Customization
New & Blue sells custom invitations and other wedding printings. The site uses a custom integration with a document customization service called eDocBuilder to let users customize, save, and purchase customized prints.
Custom Product Attributes
Along with custom designs, users are also able to pick options for their envelopes, address printing, and invite paper (among other things).
Bulk Ordering & Quantity Discounts
Invites and other wedding prints are ordered in bulk with quantity discounts an other add-ons calculated based on the quantity purchased.
Order Proofing & Rush Processing
Products that have been customized by users must be proofed either on the website or by email after the order is placed. Rush processing is also available with a per line-item cost.

The Results

Due to limited analytics, these statistics compare December 2016 (to the 28th) to February 2017 (the first full month after deployment).


increased page views


increased time spent on page

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