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Birding Buddies

My personal project, Birding Buddies has launched. It's built to help birders keep an eye on birding events and sightings around them. It is location aware and integrated with eBird and Wikipedia to return the most useful and up-to-date information for it's users.

It's built on Django, which is a pleasure to use. It's also built on Bootstrap and strives to be responsive in every way.

I've used Birding Buddies as a bit of a sandbox for some front-end experiments:

  • The Birding Buddies welcome page image flipper
    The Birding Buddies welcome page has a unique background: it “flips” random bird images from the 10,000+ image library the site has. It will continue to flip in new photos if you stay long enough for it to cycle. It re-sizes for any device size and only loads as many images as that device needs.
  • The Birding Buddies 404 page
    Every website worth it’s salt has a cool 404 page. The one that I built for Birding Buddies allows you to explore the XKCD world “Click and Drag”. However, if you search long enough you will find that there are actually birds to be found! (or you can cheat)

It's been a great project to work on and I can only hope it's useful for a few folks.

Visit Birding Buddies to see some of these technologies in action. Built from scratch by Two Loon Software.

Visit Birding Buddies

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