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Two Loon Software is a one-developer operation based in Talent, Oregon. Jesse Hodges has over ten years of experience securing, customizing, and optimizing web applications and E-Commerce platforms.

For over five years Jesse worked customizing AspDotNetStorefront installations. He then moved to the AspDotNetStorefront product development team to work on core features and stability.

Dedicated to helping businesses succeed online, Jesse moved back into the custom-solution industry. While continuing his work in, he's also been working on Django, PHP, Magento, and WordPress projects.

Throughout his entire educational and professional career Jesse has gone by the online alias Dubloons. Given his interest in birding, the progression to Two Loon Software was natural.

Responsive Design by Two Loon Software

We're all about responsive design

Our Specialties


The first step to online success is generating traffic. We use tools like Moz, Google Analytics, and Webmaster Tools to attract users and make sure you're on the right track.


AspDotNetStorefront is our first choice platform for e-commerce vendors because of it's flexibility and extensibility. The full-source solution allows us to elegantly and quickly develop solutions for any e-commerce vendor. Custom ASPDotNetStorefront Development


Magento is free and has a thriving marketplace. It's a great option for merchants who want to start selling ASAP.


Django is the best platform for custom web-application development. It's easy and fast to develop on and makes it possible to develop full POS and inventory systems in less than 2 working days. It's also a great platform for photography projects.


Our computer security background gives us the ability to protect you and your clients from vulnerabilities and malicious users.

What We Do

Your full-service web development experts


E-Commerce is where the money is and we can help you convert. Let us help your online store grow to its full potential.


Your site's Information Architecture and user experience design can make or break sales and leads. We can make your site a positively unforgettable experience.


Mobile first responsive design is an absolute must. From prototyping through front & back end engineering to quality testing, we use the latest technologies.


We know the web: databases, server-side, client-side, design frameworks, mobile, web services, APIs, payment gateways, email... we've done it all.


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