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SEO is a difficult game. Having a definitive list of things to do makes the job a whole lot easier. We've used SEOMoz (now just "Moz") in the past and it's alright. However, we just started using Raven SEO Tools, and it's been amazing how easily and quickly we can use the Raven Tools to provide massive value for our clients.

Combining Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Adwords data, Facebook data, and Twitter data, Raven gives us access to all the data mining tools we need to be effective in our optimization efforts. It also has tools to optimize and manage content. I'm not sure why, but it's neat.

On first pass analyzing a website, Raven Tools will usually return a massive list of things that should be fixed or could be made better. For larger sites, the list is usually in the tens of thousands. If you've ever used Raven Tools (or any other SEO site analysis tool) you'll know that this is quite an accomplishment:

Raven Clean Sheet

Only two errors! It just so happens that I'm okay with those two errors. Raven is complaining that I've linked to two pages that don't exist. In this case, though, I've done so to show how Birding Buddies handles missing pages: Birding Buddies 404 page.

For anyone keeping score, the next site analysis by Raven Tools is going to show at least three errors.

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