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Adsense for Google Shopping Campaigns

Here at Two Loon Software we are excited about Google’s recent launch, AdSense for Shopping, which is a new way to connect products to interested shoppers. It’s a neat way for merchants to reach users outside of Google and Google Shopping.

What merchants have to do: simply update your AdWords account and opt to have your Shopping Campaign included in Google’s search partners. And ta da, users will now be able to view your products as they search or browse for products on retail and commerce sites in the Google Search Network.

At Two Loon Software we know that the goal of any Google ad campaign is to make the most out of your advertising budget. If you tune your products properly and build confidence in your campaign, eventually you will have confidence that any paid-click is worth the investment and you can open the flood-gates, take the budget limit off of your campaign(s), and watch your finely tuned e-commerce store funnel in the conversions. Adsense is a great channel to bring in even more traffic and sales.

If you need assistance optimizing your product feed or campaign settings, Two Loon Software has plenty of experience customizing and optimizing google product feeds and AdWords shopping campaigns. We have experience managing dozens of google product listings and AdWords campaigns. DotFeed for AspDotNetStorefront is a great product, but if you have a lot of products, there is still a lot of work to be done and a little customization can go a long way. If you're using Magento it's almost always better to roll your own feed than to use something off of Magento Connect.

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