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We've been doing ASPDotNetStorefront Customization for a long time. We know the common pain points and we know how to fix them elegantly and efficiently. Here are some of the common customizations that we do along with previews of the pre-built libraries that we use as a starting point.


The out-of-the-box search in ASPDotNetStorefront just isn't sufficient for most stores. Exact matches on minimal content (name and description) give inconsistent and poorly ordered results. The solution is weighted full-text search. We index an weight a custom list of product/variant fields to provide the most relevant results first.

ASPDotNetStorefront full text search

Online shoppers have come to expect attribute navigation. They want to be able to filter products to their exact specifications so that they can quickly find what they are looking for rather than spending precious time browsing. Our attribute navigation is second to none. It allows you to define attribute groups (e.g. color), the attributes for those groups (or free-form text), and it allows you to decide what groups show on each category page.
It is also blazing fast.
Attributes are typed (so you can sort by numeral attributes), multi or single select, and can be unique per product. We make managing attribute data as easy as possible: search for attributes on the product management (easily searchable) screen or export/import your custom attributes for spreadsheet based management.

ASPDotNetStorefront attribute layered facited navigation

Attribute Search

Combing full-text search and attribute navigation can create a powerful shopping tool for your customers. We can use category and attribute data to give your customers relevant shortcuts to the set of products they are looking for.

Shortcuts to categories, attributes, or a combination gives users the ability to search and browse.

ASPDotNetStorefront attribute search
Mobile UX

Mobile traffic is at an all-time high. If you're not catering your design and user experience to mobile users, there is no question: you are loosing sales.

Mobile design and implementation can be expensive. Our goal is to give our clients the feedback and service required to develop and maintain a fully responsive site without breaking the bank.

Leveraging the powers of front-end libraries we can efficiently translate designs for responsive implementation while consulting our clients on sticking points and how to avoid high-cost conversions.

ASPDotNetStorefront mobile navigation

Most vendors spend too much time and money on design. We encourage our customers to avoid custom design and leverage the power of one of the many high-quality, pre-build designs that can be purchased.
ASPDotNetStorefront doesn't have a very good skin/theme marketplace, but implementing a pre-built HTML theme can be very affordable and gives us a high-quality, well-tested, versatile starting point to implement the store and content designs that will be best for your SEO, mobile, and desktop users.

For more information on how fast pre-built designs can be implemented and how good the look, have a look at our Mad River Outfitters project

ASPDotNetStorefront mobile navigation
Content Management

With all of the mobile-first design requirements, ASPDotNetStorefront topics just don't allow administrators the freedom they need to create beautiful content without a degree in computer science.
We have a library of admin tools that we use to give our customers the freedom to create content that is fully responsive and looks great.
Most importantly, once we implement these tools, our clients have the power to internally create and maintain the content on their website rather than paying high design implementation costs.

ASPDotNetStorefront Custom Project Highlights

HerbCo ASPDotNetStorefront Customizations

  • Intelligent Search & Attribute Navigation
  • Weighted Full-text Search
  • Attribute Navigation
    (a.k.a. "Layered", "Faceted", "Reductive", or "Guided" Navigation)
  • Ajax Mini Cart
  • Mobile-First Menus & Navigation
  • Plant Study Guide Custom Content Management
More Information

Mad River Outfitters ASPDotNetStorefront Customizations

  • High value, low cost design implementation
  • Mobile First Optimized Checkout
  • Custom CMS for Trips & Services
  • Responsive Embed & Image Viewer
More Information

E3Live ASPDotNetStorefront Customizations

  • Loyalty Points System
  • Limited Customer Service Admin Accounts
  • Emma Email Integration
  • Exactor Tax Service Integration
  • Custom Banner & Content Management
More Information

Penn Care ASPDotNetStorefront Customizations

  • Wordpress Template Integration
  • Swifttype Integration
  • Enterprise parent/child organization ordering


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